Thursday, May 21, 2015

Goldfield Ghost Town

When my parents were in town last weekend we decided to go visit the Goldfield Ghost Town and it was so much fun.  I love stuff like this, just exploring new and interesting places! 

PETERSON'S Mercantile!

 I also love places with history and this place definitely has it!  The buildings are all original and it was so neat to walk around and think about what this town would have been like a hundred years ago!  There is a jail house with the gallows right next to it - just a little creepy, a church, a livery stable, an old hotel, a saloon - all the places you'd imagine a little old wild west town would have.  There is something so exciting to me about visiting historical places!  

Look at that view!  I promise it's not a backdrop, ha! 

It is off season right now but from November to April, they have people dressed up in old fashioned outfits, giving tours, having gun fights in the middle of the town every hour, and just acting the part of the wild west.  So fun!  

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