Saturday, March 1, 2014

And here we are..

Well I started this post in mid January but never got around to posting it because I couldn't figure out how to post pictures from my iPad... I am not the most tech savvy person but I sat down tonight determined to figure it out and two and a half hours later, here we are :) 

Here is what I wrote in January.
Happy New Year!  I can't believe that it is 2014!  I have made a few resolutions this year and one of them is being better at documenting our busy, crazy, wonderful life.  I recently went back through all of my old posts and even though it's only been two (ish) years since I began this blog, there are so many little details that I have forgotten about different things that have happened.  Also, our computer crashed a few months back and we lost all of our pictures! :( Luckily, I have posted most of our good photos over the past few years on here so we didn't totally lose them.  
Several friends of mine do 'family yearbooks' and I am in love with that idea.  I will eventually start something like that but for now this works great. :)
We had a great and extremely busy 2013.  I seriously can't believe how fast time is going.  Even the days lately seem to fly by!  We sometimes find ourselves wishing for this stage of life to be over with  because being poor, in school, having 'we-are-only-doing-this-to-pay-the-bills' type jobs and being so busy that we only see each other for a few hours most days is really not a whole lot of fun.  But as each day, week, month passes I realize that I need to just enjoy this time because it really is passing by quicker than we realize.  Not going to deny that I dream of the day that we both have careers and our feet on the ground but this time is pretty special too.  We are building our life together and as corny as that sounds, it's true and we are so blessed to even have the opportunity to get an education and have jobs to support us.  And have each other.  I sure do love my amazing husband. :)

The last time I updated out blog was in July and shortly after that I began the Elementary Education program at ASU and have been incredibly busy!  That is a huge reason why I haven't posted anything in so long.  The first semester of the program (which is four semester total) was an absolute nightmare.  I have never been so busy or stressed or tired in my life.  Luckily, my Christmas break was five weeks long and that was a much needed break after finishing up the semester.  All my hard work paid off though and I ended the semester with a GPA of 4.05!!!!!! For those of you that think that being an Elementary Ed major is easy, think again.  While obviously the course work is not as difficult as someone's who is studying to become a doctor or something, there is just SO much of it!  It is difficult because there is so much to do for each class and it is all really time consuming, not necessarily hard.  But I absolutely love being a teacher and the days that I student teach are the days that I look forward and keep me going each week.  This semester is a lot more laid back than last semester was so that has been nice.  AND this is my last semester of classes!!!!  I have 8 weeks left of classes and 10 months of student teaching until graduation!!! Let the countdown begin :)
Devin has been working so hard for the last few months!  Since I'm not able to really work while I am doing student teaching and this crazy schooling, he has been working full time and is taking time off from school until I'm done.  He actually just applied, got an interview and got hired on the spot for a new, better job last week! We are so excited! He starts that next week and it will be really good for him and for our family right now.  I am so, so grateful to have a husband who loves me enough to put his goals on the back burner for a little while so that I can pursue mine.  It has been really difficult at times but each day we are a little bit closer to where we want to be and that makes it all worth it!

I haven't taken a ton of picture over the last few months only because we haven't really done much that has been worth taking pictures of, haha. But here are a few of the things we've been up to since my last post. 

July 2013

We went to a Diamond Backs game with my wonderful in-laws!  It was so much fun!  Having such a huge family, we don't usually get to spend time with just us and them so it was really fun to go to the game with just the four of us.

We were in the 6th ROW! So fun!

Pioneer Celebration Rodeo in Snowflake

I have the cutest nephew :)

One of my very best friends and her husband came to visit and it was so great to see them!  
We love the temple :)

October 2013

Happy Halloween!

November 2013

My first turkey!

December 2013

Mesa Temple Lights

My parents came to visit for a few days and we loved having them here!  I hate living so far away from them so we really enjoy the time we have when they come visit.  And hopefully it won't be too much longer until we are closer again :)

How cute is this Shepard costume? :)

My nephew (on Dev's side) with my dad.  Reading Shrek :)

Our Christmas Tree 2013

We became Apple people this Christmas!

The aftermath...and we don't even have kids, ha!

January 2014

We love spending time in Snowflake with these cute girls

Melt my heart!  She laid in his arms and they just smiled and talked to each other :)

Can't wait to see him be a daddy someday

February 2014

We love green smoothies!  This particular one turned out to be disgusting but most of the time they are delicious, ha!

A friend of ours has a bunch of orange trees so we've been making fresh squeezed OJ and oh my heck is it good!