Sunday, March 25, 2012

Planning, planning and more planning

Wedding planning has been such a different experience than I had anticipated.  It has been fun and exciting but also pretty stressful.  I am trying to still stay focused on school even though that is totally the last thing that I want to be doing.  I am also away from my mom, my best friends, my fiance and both of the locations where my receptions are actually going to be taking place.  It has been pretty stressful but I am doing my best to have fun and make the best of it because I only get to do it once!  My mom was in town last weekend and we accomplished a lot of planning so that was such a big help and took away a lot of the worries that I was having!  My mom is the best and I appreciate her help so much and love her more than anything!  Thanks Momma! :)  
I also had a dress fitting last weekend when my mom was here so she got to go with me.  It was her first time seeing my dress so I was so happy that it worked out to have the fitting when she was in town!  Unfortunately, the dress was still like two sizes too big so the seamstress is working on it now for the next few weeks!  It looked beautiful though and I am so excited for it to be finished and officially mine and ready for the big day! 
Speaking of the big day, tomorrow we hit the 30's on the countdown. 39 days to go... holy smokes! :)

My wonderful mom and a few ladies from my home ward threw me a bridal shower over my spring break and it was so much fun!  I got to see and talk to a bunch of people who I love dearly and who I haven't gotten to see in a while!  We played silly games, had great food, laughed and talked a lot and I got so many wonderful gifts!  Thank you everyone!

My best friend, Heather and I
Another bestie, Shelbey

Toilet paper wedding dresses Team #1
Toilet paper wedding dresses Team #2
The Question game.  One of my friends called Devin and asked him a bunch of questions about him and us.  For every question I got wrong, I had to chew a piece of bubble gum.  I did pretty good... they were big pieces of gum ;)
The whole group!  I love each and everyone of these wonderful ladies!  Thank you all for your love and support!

Devin is still doing good and working so hard at his job.  He has been putting in super long days the past few weeks.  This last week he worked and 11 hour day and a 13 hour day back to back.  I am so grateful for how hard he works!  We miss each other so much that some days we both go kind of crazy! ha.  But the countdown is on (again, 39 days tomorrow, yaay :) until we are Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and we never have to be apart again!  Can't come fast enough!!