Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Time Flys When Your Having Fun

It's been over 5 months since I have blogged!  Oops...  We've been busy, busy with work and school and time is going by faster than ever.  I feel like everyday I say something along the lines of "I can't believe it's already been a week since ...." or "Today is Friday? Where did Wednesday and Thursday go?!"  So let me just add to that and say, I can't believe we have been in Mesa for over 4 months!  

We moved to Mesa in August and we are loving it here.  When we first moved here it was so, so hot!  But now it's a perfect temperature most days and gets pretty chilly actually on others.  

We call our apartment our "hotel room" because it is so teeny but it is pretty nice so we can't complain too much.  We got our first Christmas tree up last week and it takes up about half of our living room but it makes our home feel really festive so I love it! 

We moved down here to the valley with neither of us having jobs so we basically just took a leap of faith that something would work out and it did!  I got a job the day after we moved down here.. talk about a huge blessing!  I got hired at DownEast Basics and it's such a great job.  For anyone who hasn't heard of it before, look it up, it's pretty decently priced and super cute!  You'll love it!  

Devin just finished his first semester at Scottsdale Community College last week.  He also just got hired for the holidays at Aeropostale and is working part time there.  He did awesome in school this semester and we will both be starting up classes at the beginning of January again. Well, we are keeping our fingers crossed that I can start in January.  I submitted my residency papers a couple weeks ago so we are waiting to hear back about that.  That whole process was a total nightmare but hopefully it will pay off and I can start up at ASU and FINALLY get finished with school!  I have about 2 years left and I just want to get finished and get my career started. 

We went to Snowflake for Thanksgiving and had such a great time with our family there.  It is always so fun to spend time with Dev's huge family!  We are worn out by the end of our stay because it is always so busy with all the kids and everyone around, but so fun and we love it. 
My Mom and Dad are coming to Mesa for Christmas and I am so excited for them to get here!  They get in on Christmas Eve and will stay until the Friday after Christmas.  I miss my family so much and I hate being so far away from them so I am really looking forward to have some time to spend with them during the Holidays!

I love blogging because as I sit here thinking of all that has happened in our lives the past few months and what is to come in the next few weeks, I am reminded of all of our many blessings.  It is so easy to get caught up in our day to day activities and forget how awesome life really is!

Hot means HOT here in AZ! This was a couple days after we moved here. It was 113 the day we moved in. All I can say is thank goodness we are on the first floor!

We went to a 3d movie and out for ice cream for my 22nd birthday!  

When we were in Snowflake for Thanksgiving, we went up to a ski resort that had their lifts open for rides to look at the fall colors. It was beautiful!  I love this photo and no, Devin is not strangling her. ha

She said her neck hurt so he was massaging it for her. Sweet guy :)

Braelynn (my youngest sister in law) and I at Thanksgiving dinner.

Our first Thanksgiving as hubby and wifey

We played Pictionary as a family after dinner and it was so fun.  And this was Devin's drawing of a frog... clearly! ;)