Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year! I'm sure like most people, I have been thinking back about all that has happened in 2012. And it has been the best year of my life!! Just to name a few of the amazing things that we've been blessed with:
  • We got engaged one year ago today!
  • We both accomplished a lot in school, moving toward our end goal of elementary teacher and physical therapist
  • I moved to Arizona and I love it here 
  • We became Mr. & Mrs. Devin Peterson :)
  • We moved to a new city and into our first "own" place.
  • We got to spend Thanksgiving with the Peterson side of our family.
  • And Christmas with the Flood side.
  • We have been happily married for 8 months now and fall more in love with each other everyday!
2013 is going to be a very busy year for both of us as we both are going to be going to school full time and trying to work as much as possible to start some savings. We don't really have any big plans yet for the year but I'm sure lots of great things will come up as the days and weeks and months continue to fly right on by.  I have never really done New Year resolutions before but this year I decided to make a list of goals for myself.  So I look forward to start working towards some of those things.  
We hope that you all had a fabulous holiday season this year and wish you the best in 2013!


  1. hope you have an amazing year Tam! Looking forward to reading about it :)

    1. Thanks, Casey! I look forward to reading about yours too and I'm loving your fitness blog! My husband and I are starting P90X next week too :)

    2. Tammy,
      My new years resolution includes not being a loser friend and keeping up with you. I was so happy to see that you blogged so I could know what was up with your life. I MISS YOU!

  2. I can't believe it's been 8 months already! Hope this year brings lots of new adventures and fun for you two! And maybe a stop to Utah ;)

    1. Z, I hope a trip to Utah can happen for us soon! Maybe General Conference:) I can't believe how big Jarin is getting! Holy cow!
      Miss you guys!

  3. Tammy, it looks like you guys are having such a wonderful time in AZ! I'm jealous of those temps!!! It's freezing here in Cedar City. I love reading your blog updates!!! It's fun to see the exciting things that are happening in your life now. Keep the posts coming!!! :-)

  4. Hi Jono! We are loving it in AZ! The weather is definitely awesome :) Thanks for following us! How is everything going for you?

  5. Tammy, things are going great here! I love school and I am learning to love Cedar City. haha I only have 4 more semesters and I will be done which is crazy!!! YAHOO!!!