Monday, July 9, 2012


Better late than never! I never put any of our honeymoon pictures up so here are a couple of my favorites!  We took a road trip to Oregon and took 4 days to drive there so we stopped each night and did fun things along the way :)

Just leaving home!

We stayed at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas our first night of the trip!

We had a coupon in our room when we got there for 2 for 1 tickets to Cirque de Soleil so Devin called to see how much it would be.  One ticket was $100 for the absolute last row!!  No thanks!  ha

The view from our room
We went to this volcano fire show thing in front of one of the hotels on the strip and it was actually pretty cool!  We were standing at the closest point that you can stand at to watch and it was SO hot!  It almost hurt each time that the volcano erupted or the little torches in the water went off! 

Waiting for the tram to take us back to our hotel after walking the strip.  We were both so hot and sweaty and just feeling yucky because it was really hot outside and the strip is just kind of a yucky place ha. It was fun to experience it but its definitely not a destination that I would choose to go to for fun again!  We loved our hotel for that reason though because the Trump doesn't have a casino so it isn't smoky and loud and totally crazy like all the other hotels in Vegas.  It was nice! 

Day 2!  No idea where we were, somewhere between Vegas and Reno :)

Our second night we stayed at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno.  We told them we were honeymooning when we checked in and a little while later they brought us some sparkling cider and a card saying congratulations!  I even got Devin to drink some with me:) (For those that know him, he doesn't drink soda or sugary drinks. Ever!! ha)

The next morning, we went to the Reno Temple before getting back on the road.  It's such a pretty little temple and it was in a really great area of Reno that Devin and I both really liked!  We drove around a little bit and both agreed that we wouldn't mind living in that area if for some reason we ever ended up in Nevada!

Last picture in the hotel before hitting the road for day 3!  We really liked Reno.  It was a nicer, slower paced, cleaner version of Vegas haha. 

Haha, I love this picture!
One of the two times that I drove on the entire trip. ha 44 hours of driving and I think I probably drove for about 4 of them ;)  What a great husband I have to drive all that way!
Finally made it to Oregon!  This is in Grants Pass, one of Devin's favorite areas of his mission.  This is Sunshine Foods, a total hippy, organic restaurant/health food store, that Devin went to all the time.  They make really good food and smoothies!  And he calls ME the hippy! ;)    (We stayed in Medford, OR the third night and then drove to Florence the next day.)
We took Devin's parents to the tide pools up north of Florence one of the days that we were there.  The weather was SO great the whole time that we were in Oregon, it was wonderful!! 

All the good tide pools were on the other side of this little creek.  I really wanted to get over there so Devin tried to jump across and made it but then slipped and soaked his socks and shoes so since he was already wet he got back in and made me a bridge with this huge branch so I could get across.  What a guy :)

We walked along the beach every morning while we were there and found shells and rocks to bring back to Arizona with us!

This was the weirdest little thing!  Devin spotted this little crab while we were walking along.  The poor little thing was upside down and couldn't flip itself over so we flipped it over and all of a sudden it was gone in the sand!  Dev dug in with a shell and pulled him out and he burrowed himself in again each time that we pulled him out.  I had never seen a sand crab like that before.  Fun little discovery!

So beautiful!

Day 1 on the way home!  We stopped in Ashland, OR because Dev had gone there a couple times on his mission and always told me about the Lithia Water fountains there.  You may be able to read the photo but the Lithia water is mineral water that is supposed to be really good for you.  They have these water fountains right in the middle of downtown that are constantly running.  It is the worst tasting water that I've ever tasted though!!  It's really sulfur-y tasting.  But had to try it once!

Ok, LOOK at this picture!  It is not zoomed in or cropped or anything.  We were literally 3 inches away from this tiger!  There was a window on one side of the tigers habitat area with a ledge on the tigers side where he could stand or lay.  We were looking through the window at him and I had just got done telling Devin how I wanted the tiger to come up on the ledge because he would be super close to us.  Not more than two minutes later the tiger comes walking over and jumps up on the ledge right in front of us!  I probably sound like such a weirdo but I was so excited!  The glare made it so I couldn't take a very good picture but you can still tell how close he was.  SO cool! ha. For our whole trip, Devin and I really wanted to go to a zoo and we are such goof's because we were both really excited to go!  We tried to go to one on the way to Oregon but it didn't work out so we decided to stay in Sacramento on our way home and go to the Sacramento Zoo while we were there! 
How many people do you know that would choose to go to a zoo on their honeymoon?  Not many. haha!  We're two of a kind :)


  1. You look so happy and gorgeous :) Glad you had such a fun trip! Love you girl :)

  2. I have been waiting to see some pictures of your honeymoon. Looks like a fun time going to different places everyday. I am so happy for you both, you look so good together.